Goodbye, Neighbors!

I’m putting together this gift basket for my next door neighbors who are moving.  It has some of the elements of other baskets, lanterns, gift boxes, colanders, bowls, etc., that I put together: an edible food, drink, cookie or candy, something inspirational, and a fun tag, like silver measuring spoons or can opener.

1. Everything laid out. 

The colander is a copper tone from HomeGoods.  Usually they have tons of colanders in varying sizes, shapes, and colors.  They always have the basic stainless steel tones, and usually lots and lots of different enamel colored colanders, and in every size.  But today all I could find was this copper one.  Shucks!!  It's smaller than I wanted but can still work.  The neighbors have an earth tone color scheme in the kitchen, so thankfully it will still look SPECTACULAR!

The picture frame is from HomeGoods and is like a gold/silver sparkly finish.  What can I say?  I think every home needs some sparkle and shine.  The picture is one of my husband, me, and the cat, for the neighbors as a remembrance of their old next door neighbors, sniff, sniff...

The decorative element is a rustic, wooden box from TJ Maxx that says, "Happily Ever After Starts Now."  I figured this would work for them because I feel that moving into a newly built home is a new start.

The salsa is Bueno from Walmart.  When I picked up my grocery order, they had given me 2 extra salsa jars as a substitution.  So, I thought the neighbors would enjoy one, especially since the salsa is medium spicy.  Is this re-gifting, since we ate the salsa from the first jar? Hmmm... I digress.

The Pirouline Cookies are soooo cute!! They are those delicious wafer cookies with various fillings that you'll normally find in grocery stores.  But the tin can is about 4 times bigger.  These mini versions from the Dollar Tree fit perfectly in each gift basket and they have a decent amount of cookies.  I can not STAND how cute they are!!

The gift bag is from Michael's and is made for baskets.  I have a container that holds ribbons and bows to pick from.  I'm partial to tulle, grosgrain ribbon, and natural raffia ribbon.  And, of course, I have glittery, sparkly, blingy ribbon.  The blingier the better!! 

2. The gift basket assembled

I can't believe everything actually fit.  I would have loved to have included a few more items, but it has the most important elements, i.e., the picture of their favorite neighbors.  Not gonna brag, but...

3.  All wrapped up and ready to travel!

So thrilled with the finished product!!  This probably cost less than $20.00, which is really inexpensive in my opinion.  Have you seen assembled gift baskets in the major retail stores?  They're at least, if not, more than double the cost.  But, this teacher can do a lot on the cheap!  

It’s sad to see my neighbors go.  I’ve been here over 8 years and they were here before me.  They were here when I was single, when I met someone, and ultimately got married. They watched our house, closed a front door or garage door inadvertently left open, called me when I was out of town with an emergency, kept us in the loop about the neighborhood gossip, and so many more memories.  I hope they will have their happily ever after in their new home.

Thank you Lord for loving us so much that you take care of the small details in our life like who our neighbors will be.